The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett is the first book in a series called The Demon Cycle.  Following three different characters – Leesha, Rojer, and Arlen – , this book is mostly about life in a world where demons come out every night for the sole purpose of killing.  I picked this book up because of a review I read from The Critiquing Chemist (you should check her out, she’s got some good stuff) and I do not regret it.

This novel was amazing!  Action-packed and full of emotional turmoil for all characters involved, The Warded Man is nearly impossible to put down.  Part of the draw of this book was that it started out with the main characters as kids in which we actually follow their life story instead of it being told in flashback, but that was absolutely perfect for the story Brett was telling.  The connections I felt with these characters as they grew up was absolutely masterful, though their stories didn’t intersect immediately, by the time they did, I was totally pumped.  I mean it – this book was exciting in a lot more than just action.

I’m not really going to go into a lot of detail about the characters here (mostly because I think it’ll be far too spoilery), but they felt like real people.  Seriously, even the side characters seemed like someone I might run into at the grocery store.  They were so solid, so believable, and so strong.  Have to say that Brett did an excellent job of portraying independent women as well, though I thought he was a little heavy-handed in…um, let’s call it, the dangers of being female (I mean, really, it feels like he’s obsessed with it sometimes).

As for his writing style, it actually flowed so well that I didn’t entirely notice it was third-person omniscient until later in the book.  And when I say omniscient, I mean he takes into account (almost) everyone’s perspective in a particular scene depending on what it calls for.  Normally, I’m not entirely for that style of third-person omniscient since it can get a little annoying, but, in this case, it worked.  His writing was so well balanced, especially during the action scenes.  All I can say is that The Warded Man has left me absolutely ecstatic for the next book of the series.

For a more in-depth review, check out my YouTube video here.  Warning: video contains spoilers.

*I’ll be taking a break from the interwebs for a while, so…’til next time.


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