Since when is 800 words a “summary”?  I’m expected to read a 14 page scientific article and the superfluous diction which scientists share the sentiment all readers must endure is most assuredly an indication of their expertise on the subject matter rather than the hallmark of insecurity, arrogance, or a rather unprecedented mixture of both undesirable qualities.  After I’m through with that, I’m supposed to write a “summary” that is 800 words exactly, with 5 words of wiggle room.  Uh…no, no, no – that is a reflection paper.  A summary is a reiteration (in the writer’s own words, of course) of the main idea in 500 words or less.  Honestly, it should be no longer than a paragraph…NOT TWO PAGES!

Sorry, I’m just…really annoyed with one of my professors.  As most of you know, I am currently attending a masters program online, part-time.  So, I only take two courses at a time, but it really sucks when half of your courses are nothing but busy work.

I’ve only just started this program and I’m having a lot of fun with one of my classes, but the other…sigh.  Seriously, every week is an assignment and a discussion.  Every week.   On top of that we have a group project, occasional quizzes (that one’s actually not too bad), and journal “summaries” of which there are, luckily, only two that have to be done.  It became so overwhelming that I decided to just ditch doing the discussions because life’s too short to be stressed out, consequences be damned.

And I wouldn’t mind the assignments if they actually had a purpose.  They’re literally a set of questions where you just find the answers in the article he provides.  …I DON’T LEARN ANYTHING FROM THAT!  Don’t waste my time with busy work, you jerk, give me something that’s actually meaningful!  I’m a graduate student, treat me like one!

Sorry about all the yelling, but this professor is just…huff.  You get the gist.


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