Sigh.  I really need to be more careful about picking up books.  This is the second week in a row where I read a book so horrid, it left my hands in a fit of frustration, causing a crash and coming very close to breaking a lamp.  So, Turn of Light by Julie E. Czerneda is a fantasy novel following Jenn Nalynn.  All of it takes place in a tiny little village…and that’s it.  I don’t really know anything else other than that there’s an invisible dragon who’s not once described even when the story is in his own perspective.

I made it partway through chapter five when I finally gave up and skimmed the last few pages.  All I can say is that the story was uninteresting and predictable (to the point I could probably tell you everything that happens without reading it).  Jenn was nothing more than a sniveling child who whined about wanting to see the world, but no one would let her (why? – don’t know, don’t care); every other character was just plain uninteresting.

Czerneda’s writing style was also extremely annoying.  She would waste time telling the backstory of all the pigs, the cows, even the frickin’ roses along with describing the entire layout of a house and what each item is used for (including the wall that I really don’t care about) even though Jenn doesn’t even step foot in it, yet describing what the main characters actually look like was apparently too distracting from the story.

Lesson learned.  I’ll read the first two or three chapters of a book before taking it home with me because I don’t want to waste my time like this again.

For more on why this book was so frustrating, check out my YouTube video here.  Warning: video contains spoilers (barely).


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