So, I was trying to finish my first draft and what I wrote was awful.  Even as I was writing it, I was shaking my head with each forced sentence…it actually came to the point where I said, out loud, “This sucks.”  Usually, I’d just get past it, move on to the story and fix it in the second draft, but the direction it was heading was just really, really bad.  It made no sense and felt completely contrived.

After realizing that the path I chose was going nowhere, I tried to think of ways to get the story back on track.  My decision: rewrite it.  In my mental vision, I rewound it to the point where everything went wrong and came up with a completely new direction, crossing out about a page and a half of writing.  …And I am totally fine with that.

There is something so very satisfying about scribbling out a failed attempt.


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