So, I was in the groove of writing when I finally reached the “big reveal.”  I don’t think I can exactly call it a “twist” since it’ll probably be fairly obvious to my future readers (probably), but it was a big moment nonetheless.  This was the point that signals the beginning of the end, the hallmark of the final act.  I know it seems a little early for that since I’ve only been working on this project for about two months (and it is just above twenty pages at this time), but it’s a first draft which is more like an extensive outline.  So, the end is near for my story…except I have no idea how it ends.

I’ve trudged through a little bit and gotten a few scenes past the “big reveal”, but I still don’t got a clue how to end this.  All I know for sure is that I want a fight of some sort.  …That’s about it.  How does it get to that point?  No idea, but I’ll still try my best to not let the story drag.  So, I’m pretty close to finishing up my first draft despite my…cluelessness.  Though it’s a little short right now, I’ve already got quite a few places in mind that need more build up (translation: an additional thirty or forty pages), so the second draft might come easier.

Well, on to figuring out what happens next!


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