Alright, I’m not in as bad as a mood as the title implies, but I am a little frustrated with this advice.  I see it everywhere and it drives me absolutely nuts because it assumes that all writers have a consistent schedule.  I don’t have a consistent schedule!

My work life is unpredictable.  There are weeks where I don’t even know if I’m going to be working one job more than the other since both jobs’ workload depends on the season.  Oh, yeah – I have two jobs!  They end up balancing each other out well enough, yet the hours are completely different.  On top of errands and school work (I got into the master’s program – hooray!), there is no particular time that I consistently have free.

However, I have found a way to adapt this piece of much hated advice to my own life.  Since I am so busy, I’ve decided to write for at least twenty minutes a day…which I haven’t been doing for the past few days, but that’s beside the point.  Do I write at the same time everyday?  No, because that’s frickin’ impossible, but I try my best.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get started on the dreaded…I mean, the highlight of my day and write for twenty minutes.


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