I’m sure all of you fellow writers are quite familiar with writer’s block, so it’s also no surprise that I am talking about it yet again.  However, I’m going to discuss a different type of writer’s block and how I ended up overcoming it.  Most of the time, when I get stuck, I simply don’t know what happens next or I know where it’s going, but I don’t know how to write it down.  This past week, though, I was absolutely frustrated with my story because things were simply not making any sense.

I spent an entire day trying to figure out how to make my story work, but everything I came up with made no sense.  Over and over again, I would ask myself why would the characters do that or why would the antagonists believe what they believe.  Even though I established what was going on, and determined to stick to it to the end, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the motivations.  What caused the conflict?  Why has it continued?  Yet no matter how much I thought, I couldn’t find an answer.

Then I remembered a certain plot hole in my story.  There’s a piece of technology that I wrote into my society which, even as I was writing it, I knew made no sense, but I went with it anyway, saying that I would figure out the how and why later because I really wanted this technology to be there.  And then, I realized that the apparent antagonists have a certain capability which is very similar to how this technology works.  …Oooooh.  The puzzle pieces fall into place.

I love moments like this when I’m writing.  When things simply come together as if the story is being revealed to me.  It was immensely satisfying to solve this frustrating dilemma like coming to the conclusion of a particularly tricky mystery.


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