Hey, remember that qualifying exam I talked about last week?  Yep, I failed it.  Ugh, and I studied so hard, too.  Oh, well, I’ll try and reapply for the job some other time; I’ll study better for the exam because I know I understand the concepts – it’s my degree for crying out loud!  One way or another, I’m going to get this job.

In the meantime, I still have no idea if I’ve been accepted into the masters program which is starting to worry me since I signed up to start in about two weeks.  :\  And on top of all that, I’m still pursuing my writing as much as I can, though the past week or so I haven’t because of all the studying I did.

So far, I’ve reached the seventeen page mark in my first draft in the span of one month, give or take.  I could beat myself up about it, saying I should’ve written more in that timeframe or I can be a reasonable human being and be proud of my accomplishment.  I choose: reasonable human being.  Seventeen pages is pretty good in my book because, let me tell you, before I was serious about writing, getting this far would’ve taken years, years, not weeks.  All in all, I’m pretty happy where I stand.

Oh, yeah, and I think I’m going to ditch the whole one story during weekdays and a different one on weekends thing.  After a month of not doing that, it seems I really am only capable of focusing (obsessing) on one story at a time.


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