Last week, I received an e-mail from someone on and they asked me to apply for a job opportunity as a tutor for MCAT biology.  (…That earth-shattering shriek you just heard was my squeal of excitement.)  It looks absolutely perfect for me!

For one, it pays more than either of my other jobs, even though it would still be part time.  Second, there’s actually opportunity to advance through the company instead of being stuck at a dead end.  Third, I’ll be using my degree in biology!  Like for real, not just having a job that requires a fill-in-the-blank bachelor’s.  And finally, I would still be involved in healthcare by helping future doctors get into the medical school.  This is amazing!

I’ve already finished the first part of the application, so I’m studying up on material in order to pass the qualifying exam.  …The retake, that is.  I already failed the first time, and the second chance is also my last chance, but a 47% without studying ain’t bad.  Anyway, I’ve been in the throes of studying for the last few days and I think I’ll be ready for the retake in the next day or two.

Fingers crossed I pass and do well on the rest of the application process!  And among all of that, I do still intend to pursue the master’s I’ve been talking about, too, though I haven’t heard back from the school yet if I’ve been accepted.  I’m really looking forward to it, so I hope everything works out.


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