Alright, according to an author I admire and respect (Brandon Sanderson), one of the best ways to introduce yourselves to editors and agents is by going to conventions and one he’s mentioned constantly is Worldcon. Based on my research, this convention seems like the place to be – mostly because it looks like tons of fun. Anyway, I really want to go to the one next year in San Jose…

…but I have no idea how to even start planning. First of all, I’ve never planned a trip like this before; sure, I’ve traveled a ton, yet I was never the one who worked with all the logistics (that’s my mom’s job). Also, I’m as close to broke as I can be while still being marginally comfortable, so I know I’ll have to budget for it somehow, though I’m not sure how to go about it (I have started a rough estimate as best I can). On top of all that, at the moment, I’m pretty much planning on going solo; I’ll ask a friend if she wants to tag along and that should help make thungs cheaper, but there’s no guarantee it will work out for her (or even if she’s interested). 

So…suggestions? Any locals out there who can tell me how to get around without renting a car or busting my wallet? I also know I should probably pack my own food instead of depending on what’s at the convention, yet I’m not sure what I should plan on bringing, especially since I plan on camping out in the cheapest hotel I can find (I’m also a picky eater). 

Any tips and tricks you can offer to help me out in getting to/budgeting for this convention would be super helpful. Thanks to all of you!


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