My second job is ruining my life!  Ever since I’ve started I’ve been some kind of sick every frickin’ month!  I’m not kidding.  December, I had a low grade fever and ended up sleeping for three days straight.  January, I lost my voice for a solid week.  No other symptoms, just…lost my voice.  Then in February, I was feeling really run down and just plain tired for no real reason.  You may remember that from my post Under the Weather, though I was at the end of it by that point, hence why it came out at the beginning of March rather than in February.  Later in March I had a headache for two days straight that luckily got blown over quicker than all the other illnesses I have had to endure the last few months.  Finally, this month, I’m feeling groggy all day and dizzy when I stand up; all accompanied by a lovely racking cough (this hasn’t stopped yet, by the way – I still don’t feel good).  It’s infuriating because I don’t get sick!  …Okay, I get sick, but certainly not this often!  And I blame it all on the second job!

If getting me sick every single month weren’t enough, it’s been messing with my sleep cycle too because – guess what? – I work evenings (I’m usually scheduled until about 8pm) once a week with that job when I work normal days the rest of the week, including Saturday (don’t worry, I’m still only working five days a week, not six).  It’s driving me crazy!  I could ask to work only Saturdays at this job, but then I’d only be working there once a week and if I do that, I might as well quit.

Oh, how I wish I could quit.  But I can’t because the minuscule amount I’m getting paid due to the scant hours is just enough to put me on the brink of living comfortably by supplementing the income from my first job which technically pays less per hour.  So even though I want to only work during regular daytime hours, I can’t ask for that because then I’d only be working at the second job once a week in which case I might as well quit, but, even though I want to quit, I can’t do that since this job that pays more per hour, yet somehow only gives me half of what I earn from the first job, gives me just enough to reasonably scrape by and the only way to maintain that is to continue with working one evening a week even when it’s messing with my sleep and health which prompts me to think that maybe I should only work Saturdays at this second job.   …Argggghhhhhh!  I hate this job, I hate this job, I HATE this job!!!

*Deep breath*  Okay.  I just need to be patient.  Something will come along that gets me out of this which will actually put me on a career path instead of leaving me stuck in this dead-end job.  That’s all I really have right now: hope that something better is around the corner.  I don’t care if it’s part-time or full-time, as long as it doesn’t get me sick every month and doesn’t leave me feeling miserable, redundant, and powerless before, during, and after work (alright, I’m exaggerating a little, but I seriously don’t feel like I’m contributing anything to society at this job).  And when that something better comes along, I’ll demand to only work regular daytime hours Monday through Friday…if they let me.  Finding that opportunity has its own frustrations, of course, though I doubt anything I come across could be as tedious and soul-sucking as the job I currently have.


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