Before, I said I’d try focusing on one chapter a week.  🙂  That didn’t work at all!  Instead of spending time mulling over the chapter and actually writing it, I found myself procrastinating.  I would think: “I’m tired.  I can just do it tomorrow.”  Guess how many times a week I told myself that.  It didn’t help that I was rather narrowly focused on writing my statement of purpose for the masters program I mentioned either.  Of course, there’s always something else that “demands” my attention other than writing.

So I’m going to try for a chapter a day; even if it’s a terribly written 1,000 word chapter, I’m going to write it – I can just revise or add words to it in my third draft – and I’m not going to bed until that chapter is complete.  With that plan in motion, I just might be able to finish the second draft this month (because I’m actually really close).

Ah, yes, and one more thing: Look forward to Saturday♪ 😀


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