So, back to the whole job market thing.  Why are all the best jobs in cities?!  I hate cities!   Traffic stresses me out, people are rude, and the close quarters of it all is suffocating!  But, that’s where opportunity is.  New York holds publishing houses, Seattle is tech central, and, as I’ve come to discover recently, San Francisco provides plenty of opportunity for scientists.  Yet every single one is a friggin’ city!

I am a suburban chick.  I like small towns with open space and everything within a thirty minute walking distance.  Yet those sleepy towns provide little to no opportunity in my field.  If fiction writing were a truly lucrative career, then I’d stay in a small, rural-esque town in a heartbeat.  But my degree is in biology and, since I found medical school was the wrong path, the wide field of research is the only option left if I want a full-time job.

So, for the time being, I’ll apply for full-time positions in cities.  Ugh.  As I do that, I think I’ll prepare for taking an online Masters program in bioinformatics, though experience in the field is the real predicament (mainly due to the fact that I have none).  The plan I’m currently constructing is to work in a lab…in a city…while simultaneously completing the Masters program.  After which, if I like who I work for and if they like me, I can probably make some sort of arrangement to be a telecommuting biostatistician since you don’t really need to be at a lab site to analyze data.

If I can swing all that, then, eventually, I could be happily living in a small town, telecommuting full-time for a city job, writing as much as I want along with working on…another thing that you’ll find out about soon.

We’ll see how everything goes.  Although, for the time being, I may have no choice but to remain in a city area.


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