Hello, everyone, I haven’t been feeling too well lately.  I think it’s because I’ve been spreading myself a little too thin what with working two jobs, writing, and preparing for…well, you’ll find out about that later.  So, I’ve been taking a little break from writing and, as of now, I don’t think I’ve worked on any of my personal projects for about two weeks.

Since I’m talking about my writing anyway, and I’ve been asked to share a little more about it, I’ll take this opportunity to discuss a little about my writing.

Currently, I have about a dozen ideas I’m working on…literally, over a dozen.  All of the projects are in various stages from an idea on an index card to the second draft phase.  I’m actively working on only two of them, both of which are second drafts, but only one of them I’ve been practically obsessed with since October.  This is the one I usually complain about being stuck on.

I am predominantly a fantasy author, so the project that has been essentially the center of my life for a while is a fantasy.  It’s the first book in a series (hopefully) with my own races, my own world, and my own rules.  I’ve made a lot of progress with this project and I’m super proud of myself.  In the span of a few months, I’ve already surpassed the length of the original draft which took me years to complete (although that’s because I wrote when I had time, before I was getting serious about my writing).

That’s all for now.  Later.


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