I have discovered the cure to writer’s block!  Or, rather, I’ve discovered those who have discovered it?  Whatever.  Anyways, this is the best thing ever!

As I was struggling with being stuck once again, I, of course, took to the interwebs.  Guess what I googled?  No, not cat videos!  Writer’s block.

I wasn’t expecting anything out of it, but what came up were apps that were supposed to help with that.  Write or Die looked really interesting, but since I didn’t want to spend any money (I’m broke, not stingy), I pretty much passed over it.  Also came across not so stellar reviews and comments about it being a tad glitchy.

Then came along Cold Turkey Writer.  The app essentially blocks you from everything in your computer until you’re done – and I mean everything.  There’s no exit button, you can’t see that little bar on the bottom of your screen, and even the mouse is practically nonexistent.  It is impossible to exit the app until you’ve reached the word count goal you’ve set.  There are also options to set a timer instead of word count and to not get blocked from your computer, but those seem to defeat the purpose to me.

And the best part is that it was completely free to download.  Of course you can also get some extra stuff for the oh-so-expensive one time price of ten bucks.  Honestly not sure how these people are making any money.

Anyway, I’ve used this app a few times now and I absolutely love it!  This app got me unstuck on a chapter I had been working on for months.  I love this thing!  Did I mention that?

Although it won’t work out quite the same for my handwritten projects (that’s right, I write using a computer and pen), I think I’ll download their main product just to compensate for that.  Cold Turkey is the best thing in existence.


One thought on “Greatest App Ever

  1. Sounds great. I waste an embarrassingly amount of time reading other’s writing and ‘Look at this tv star now’ crap when I should be working on my own stuff, but I’ve gotten pretty ruthless on keeping it to a minimum now. I’m going to find and download the app anyway, for the extra time it’ll save me Thanks!

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