I sit down at my laptop.  The laundry is running, the bathroom is clean, and also did that one thing that required me to leave the house.  I’m ready to write!


Noooo! I’m hungry.  Scavenge the kitchen and…great, I’m out of food.  Now I have to go to the grocery store.  But what will I eat?  What do I want to make?  There’s no way I’m eating frozen food – it makes me feel horrible.  And what can I make that will actually last me for a while?

Have to say, what I just described is probably my greatest stressor.  I feel like half the time my life revolves around food rather than what I actually want to do.  Maybe it’s just poor planning on my part, but if I didn’t have to eat, I’d probably get a lot more done.  Sure I can eat while I write and I do, but the preparation that goes into it doesn’t exactly lend itself to multi-tasking.

So, I have proclaimed food as my enemy.  How dare you nourish my brain!  How dare you be delicious!  And how dare you fuel my hobby of cooking!  Wait…what did I just say?

Oh, that’s right, I actually really enjoy cooking…and baking.  Okay so worrying about food when I don’t have any in the house is my greatest stressor.  But cooking itself is really fun for me – even stress relieving (not that I have quite as much compared to when I was in medical school).  And I love yummy food, but it’s still a distraction.

Um…okay, food, let’s be frenemies!


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