I find that my attitude, excitement, and energy is in flux from day to day.  There are days when I feel completely unmotivated to do anything other than lay in my cozy bed doing nothing.  But I also have days where I just feel so…up (these happen more often); the problem is, that on days like that I feel exhilarated about almost every little thing to the point I want to get it all done at once which results in absolutely nothing being accomplished.  Even as I write this post, I am experiencing such a situation with my mind on a dozen different tasks that I could be doing from going grocery shopping to working on my book (and even within the book process, I’m pretty scattered as to which parts of it I should be working on).

Neither one of these extremes is very good for me since neither one is truly productive.  I’d prefer to spend more time in the middle, but that’s not how my mood works.  Overcoming the lazy days is a little easier since all I really have to do is get out of bed to get started.  So reigning it in becomes the greater challenge for me.  However, I think I’ve found a good way to harness my excessive energy on my days of extreme excitement.

My mind is on overload, thinking about everything that I could and should be doing.  So I channel those thoughts into plans of action or to do lists.  It was a day of over-excitement, after all, that inspired me to plan out a task for everyday this month (see previous blog post).  Usually, after I lay down everything in written form and plan out when to do it, I usually calm down a little and return to reality about how much of it I can actually do in one sitting.  Those very plans of action help me get up and get going on days I would otherwise sleep in, thus achieving a nice middle ground for myself.

I yo-yo quite a bit between extreme moods, but I do my best to either bring myself down or pick myself up even though I suck at playing with yo-yos.

How about you guys?  Ever experience over-stimulation?  How do you cope?


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