I disappeared from the blogosphere for a bit because I got a little distracted by a string of job interviews. In fact, I had to take a step back from writing for a while because everything just started happening at once. Good thing is, I officially have a second job. 

However, I am now faced with the dilemma of finding time (and energy) to actually work on my writing career in addition to having two part-time jobs. I know I can do it, but I need to figure out how and I already know myself well enough to know making a schedule isn’t going to work.

And it certainly doesn’t help that I am in the midst of a severe writing slump. I am stuck on every single one of my personal projects (it sucks). So, in the meantime, I’m going to work on the technical side of things for the freelancing part of my life.

Okay, deep breath and…Three hours later: I’m bored. 


One thought on “Finding my balance

  1. Lol Im laughing because I get it.
    Hey here’s a story for ya: I finally landed a gig on Guru, an assignment I was only given the “about” info 2 hours before it was due. Needed to be 500 words.
    It was to be an article about whether or not pumice is an igneous rock.
    I tried, i really did, I researched my ass off but in the meantime was bored to tears/maniacal laughing. I Skyped the guy and said, “I’m out.” So at least I know that about myself now, that that kind if writing isn’t for me. Big crash and burn, but I walked away with more self-knowledge.
    Anyway, as they said in the 70s, hang in there. xx
    PS Good to hear from you!

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