Alright, so I recently heard of this theory called the Mandela Effect. Basically, it proposes that parallel universes have collided and there is evidence of this. Mainly in the form of everyone remembering something wrong, but being adamant that they are right. It’s a conspiracy theory and I, for one, totally believe it (on a case by case basis of course). After all, how can so many people rember something wrong the exact same way. 

A prime example is Pikachu. I remember this anime character having black at the tip of his tail. Even my best friend, who is practically a super fanof Pokemon, remembers it the same way. But looking through the images of even original drawings, that black tip doesn’t exist. Where did it go?!

I also have a personal experience that may or may not be evidence of this effect (I think it is, but by all means, prove me wrong). I remember seeing a live action film called “The Borrowers.” Now, I already know there are two such movies in existence, but I remember a completely different version. It was an entirely American cast with some fairly big names (none of which I recall) and the borrower family was brunette. 

In fact, I distinctly remember a scene where the daughter borrower turned to her father and asked, with a healthy dose of attitude, “You were an outdoor borrower?” or something along those lines. The rest of my memory admittedly fades into obscurity. 

However, I swear to God that I saw this version of the movie, yet I have never found it again nor have I come across any reference to it. Does anybody out there know what I’m talking about?

This is a really fascinating theory and I would love to hear other people’s take on it. Post your thoughts and experiences in the comments!


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